Marianas Trench returns to Pittsburgh with ‘SPF80s’ tour


Astoria, I’m warning ya. Not ready yet, not for ya.’

Marianas Trench was back at Mr. Smalls in Millvale last night with their ‘SPF80s’ tour.   This was the second time I had seen them in concert. The first was back on a very cold Saturday in February. They were awesome then and they were even better this time around.

I first discovered Marianas Trench back in high school. I stumbled across ‘Cross My Heart‘ and with each word of the song, I found myself being pulled farther and farther in until I was hitting the replay button too many times to count. Thus began my now obsession with the band.  I have to say that ‘Cross My Heart’ is still my number one song.

I see you

They played songs from their first tour, ‘Hey You Guys’ along with some other tracks like ‘Wildfire‘ and ‘Fallout.’ With each track, the crowd only seemed to get more and more excited, screaming along to their favorite tracks.

The one thing I always loved about the band was the raw emotion that goes into all of their songs. I had known that ‘Astoria‘ was written after Josh’s long term relationship ended, but I never thought what it would be like to stand up and sing those songs all the time. I never stopped to think what would be going through his mind while singing those songs. Last night, Josh sang the heartbreaking song ‘Dearly Departed.’ It was hard, watching him break down, hanging onto the mic as the crowd carried on the song he was unable to sing. It is that kind of emotion that makes their songs so beautiful to listen to.


So much emoion

This band has always been my go-to band. When I am happy, I listen to them. When I am not feeling so great, I turn them on to make myself feel better. When I am faced with challenges in life, I turn on a song and just tune everything else out but Josh’s voice. It helps to calm me down when nothing else will.

Jam session

Honestly, there are no words to describe their concert. I could say that it was amazing or incredible or fantastic, but nothing compares to actually being there. Being five rows back from the stage, the drums so loud you can feel it in your chest, people pressed in around you jumping and screaming along to their favorite songs. The energy from the band as Josh jumps around the stage. It is only after the adrenaline rush that you realize your ears are ringing and your feet hurt from standing all day, but that wouldn’t stop you from doing it all over again. These are the reasons they are one of the best performances I have seen live. And I can’t wait for them to come back again.

my keyboard!

If we shadows have offended, I hope your heart can still be mended. I hope you know that I don’t blame you, my dear friend. Always will love you still, but Astoria must end.’